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Do you dream of writing a romance novel?

Romance Writing Academy teaches you what the pros know so you can write your heart out!

What We Offer Romance Writers:


Our courses and workshops are designed to provide practical, easy-to-understand, high-value instruction on the craft of writing romance novels. Our students and clients have sold debut novels, signed with top-tier literary agents, hit bestseller lists, and made successful careers writing romance. Whether you're just starting out or have written and published extensively, we can support your growth goals.


We don't just teach romance writing. We do it professionally! Whether you're an aspiring writer just starting out or an experienced professional, you'll find practical, compassionate guidance in everything we do. We know how hard it can be to apply best practices and market-sensitive craft to the ideas that inspire you to write, and we share tools to not just make your writing more effective, but to make the process  easier and more fun. 


Whether you want to find critique partners, ask a trusted professional a question, or just connect with others on the journey, our easy-to-use, attractive interface isn't just a place for formal education. A critical part of learning to write is connecting with a supportive community. You'll find writers, editors, readers, librarians, bloggers, and romance superfans all here to give and share support. Find the community you need to stay motivated and productive. 

Learn to write your heart out

Writing is hard. We get it. Ideas are exciting, but then making that idea work on the page... Phew. We've been there. We understand. And we've put everything we've learned, developed, and taught over a decade-plus-long career in romance writing, editing, and teaching to help make it easier for you.

Aspiring author? We show you not just the basics you can find anywhere. We take the basics and put them to work by teaching you craft. Making sure you're doing it "right" or that what you've written "works" is tough to do without guidance, and we're here for you from page one.

If you're a pro author or an author who has written several books, you may have hit a wall. Sales slump? Sluggish reviews? Or worse... Has the muse taken what feels like a permanent vacation? Writer's block or a brand that needs a reboot can usually be cured by a high-level refresher on craft. Build unbreakable books and develop a writing process that flows book after book with our craft-intensive focus.

Writing is hard, but with expert instruction and a supportive community, you can learn to write your heart out!

Our courses

Our students love us

I have taken about a dozen online writing courses from various schools, including some college level courses. This course is one of the best I've taken. Jeanne's breaks down craft components into manageable bites and does it in a way that makes you excited to sit down and write. This course is relevant, well ordered, and really fun (you'll never look at a jellyfish the same way again!).
Rachel rozdzial
I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to have taken this class! The recourses that are shared here truly gave me what I was missing when I was stuck in the writing process. This is a great foundation for writers of all levels to come back to again and again. Each worksheet and detailed example are filled with nuggets of wisdom and humor that I can't help but appreciate because often times, writing is difficult! I'm so excited for what's to come on this website, see you soon!
Ashley wilson
Amazing course for writers who want the real deal on writing romance, and putting your work out in the world. The lessons were very thorough and fun. I definitely took my writing to the next level with this course. I've taken several romance courses, and this one is definitely the most professional and substantive. The creator Jeanne De Vita put so much work in to this course. I highly recommend it!!
Christine rose elle