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What kind of writer are you? [Poll]

Jan 1 / Jeanne De Vita
Whether you're an author just starting out or someone who's completed a dozen books (or more!) most of us have a sense of what "kind" of writer we are. What are the different approaches to writing and why does knowing what kind of writer you are matter? Since the various approaches to writing may be different, the ways we tackle challenges in the writing process will likewise differ based on our preferred writing habits. What kind of writer are you? And what kind of tools do you use if you like tools? If you're more of a plantser or consider yourself full pantser, how do you keep yourself focused, organized, and writing?
Someone who writes as they are inspired, or, by the "seat of their pants" (a "pantser") may not appreciate tools like character bibles or plot grids. In fact, tools can freak out the pantser! On the flip side, a "plotter" is not necessarily someone who knows plot but is someone who likes to plan and use tools to tackle their work. If you love color-coding character beats, charting out the arc of your character's growth, or even making notes about when and how to plan your scenes, you're likely a plotter. Someone who takes a hybrid approach to writing normally needs to feel inspired by ideas and starts a project without a plan or a net, but eventually will look to tools for help staying on track like a storybuilding worksheet or plot grid. That type of writer is a planster (or a pants-down plotter, as I think I am!) There are so many right ways to write. Let us know how you prefer to work!