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Academy Pass

On-demand access to our library of romance writing education.

What's included?

  • Access to all Pass courses
  • Private community space within each course

Elevate your craft

Courses include video lectures, written lessons to read at your leisure, and exercises to test and apply what you're learning. And not just the basics. We write too, and share real-world essentials that have helped hundreds of clients and students make their dreams come true. 

Expert instructor

Romance Writing Academy has developed each course to incorporate lessons, information, and examples to teach you the skills so you can learn to write like the bestselling authors publishing today. We show you what the pros know and provide timely and specific information specifically for romance writers.

Community connections

Each course has a private course community (optional, but included) so you can chat with other writers taking the same courses in a virtual "classroom" space. 

Material you'll love

We teach not just the foundations of the romance but the fun specifics about the genre you read and love so you can have confidence and write your romance novel. 

Set and achieve goals

We believe that accountability and a long-term view of your writing career is the best way to reach your goals. Courses paced for your busy lifestyle at an affordable price will help you write your heart out.

Cancel at any time

We want your experience learning to be painless. Our affordable access plan was designed to give writers highly valuable content at a manageable price, and we provide a no-hassle cancellation policy.

Academy Pass


Academy Pass

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